Episode 46 - Benson/Moorhead 2: Spring

The gang talk about Spring, the 2014 horror film advertised as Lovecraft meets Linklater and delivers … ummm … stems cells that turn a girl into a squid-dog-jack rabbit for a week every 20 years or so? Uhh, sure, stem cells, pregnancy, oxytocin, whatever you say. Plus, the surprise appearance of horrorcore rapper Cage Kennylz. 

Episode 45 - Benson/Moorhead 1: Resolution

The gang talk about Resolution, the 2012 horror debut by Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead.  Ignore the terrible poster and check out this film that demonstrates that there are some original ideas still out there.  And no, it's not really like Cabin in the Woods at all except for, well, there is a cabin......