Book: Nachos & You

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Book: Nachos & You

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Now, a website is all well and good, but what happens when your love of nachos is greater than what can be contained on the internet? What happens when you can only feel complete by living your life the nacho way?

Enter Nachos & You, a pocket sized manual on, well, living your life the nacho way.

  • READ... The true story of how Gentleman Frank Liberto (Not to be confused with the Frank Liberto of Martin Luther King Jr. assassination infamy) created "The Nacho" in 1976.
  • LEARN... To pickle your own jalapenos for varying degrees of “fun” and “profit”, but more importantly bragging rights on being more artisinal than your friends.
  • KNOW... The science of creating nachos with circular chips as opposed to triangular chips and when to use each so as to not cause embarrassing cultural faux pas.
  • EXPERIENCE... The terror of “Nacho Fingers”, and the joy of curing yourself of them to avoid being ostracized by the community at large.

While our previous book, The Field Guide to Nachos, was all about the history of nachos, Nachos & You is all about nachos today and in the future, as well as how you can live your life one chip at a time. Part self help book, part treatise on nacho theory, part cookbook, part Gentleman Nachos employee handbook, the only true way to describe it is that this is a book about not only nachos, but Nachos & You.

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32 Pages!

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