Book: Recipes from the Nachonomicon

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Book: Recipes from the Nachonomicon

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Now, a website is all well and good, but what happens when your love of nachos is greater than what can be contained on the internet? Say, you love them so much you have to constantly eat them, for example? You know you can't EAT the internet, but you still want nachos, a LOT of different kinds of nachos. If only there was some way that you could learn how to make a bunch of different kinds of nachos that you could eat!

Enter Recipes from the Nachonomicon, a pocket sized cookbook of all the finest types of nachos from throughout the ages, all now easily available at your fingertips.

  • READ... The History of the Nachonomicon and how it became the blueprint for all the nachos you know and love today!
  • LEARN... How to cook the finest examples of each member of the nacho family from "Artisanal" to "Single Serving." (There's no general type of nacho that begins with "Z" so that's as good as it gets alphabet wise, and I wouldn't want to trick you into thinking there was a type of called "ZBBQ Nachos" or something.)
  • KNOW... The joy that comes of making you, or a loved one, a delicious meal of nachos that will both satiate your hunger and allow you to know the true satisfaction of being able to provide the sustenance to keep a human being alive.
  • TASTE... Nachos, and lots of them, once you make them of course.

While our first book, The Field Guide to Nachos, was all about the history of nachos, and our second, Nachos & You, was about living your life the nacho way, Recipes from the Nachonomicon is perhaps the most useful in the kitchen as it is chockablock with nacho recipes for you to sample. You would be shocked at how many people in this day and age still think that nachos are just chips and some crummy cheese sauce, but with this book you'll be able to teach them a thing or two about nachos. Because this book is full of nacho recipes that you could teach them that aren't just chips and crummy cheese, and displayed in a format to instruct you in how to cook them, you know, like the way a cookbook works. Would both Julia Child and Guy Fieri be proud? I would like to think yes.

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